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What's Inside?

Inspired by the strange internet trend of purchasing "mystery boxes" of items online and not finding out what you bought until it arrives, BasilPlus Mystery Boxes are boxes containing one or multiple random products. Each randomly-selected box contains a guaranteed total retail value of at least $5.00, with some valuing up to $100 or more. When you buy a BasilPlus Mystery Box, you know you'll always be surprised!

When I first thought of turning this idea into its own side-venture, I wanted to set it up in a way that would support small businesses. After all, the original "BasilPlus" concept is meant to be a small business membership program, where small businesses team up to help each other succeed and offer their mutual customers amazing deals and exciting opportunities. With this in mind, I am teaming up with small businesses to fill my mystery boxes with their products. Businesses interested in a spot on my shopping list are encouraged to visit the "Get Inside" page for more information.

BasilPlus Mystery Boxes have several variations to choose from, with more Box Types to come. Currently, the following Box Types are available:
Classic ($10) - The Classic BasilPlus Mystery Box, containing a guaranteed total retail value of at least $5.00.Chaos ($20) - The Chaos Box is more unpredictable than the Classic, though the $5.00 minimum retail value remains the same. The Chaos Box features strange and weird items, oddities and curiosities that have been stumbled upon during shopping escapades.Premium ($35) - The Premium Box contains a guaranteed total retail value of at least $10.00, and is generally the most luxurious of the Box Types.

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Get Inside

Are you a small business that wants to get your products out the door? Looking for new ways to market and grow your customer base? Get your products in BasilPlus Mystery Boxes!

BasilPlus Mystery Boxes began in part as a way to support our small and local businesses by purchasing their products to pack in our mystery boxes. I am always happy to hear from new small businesses interested in "getting inside" our boxes. Simply fill out the form below, or email me directly at basil@basilebacorn.com.

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